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Biden Issues Greek Independence Day Proclamation

On Friday, US President Joe Biden issued a proclamation marking Greek Independence Day on March 25 as "A National Day of Celebration of Greek...

Theodoros Kolokotronis: Ultimate Symbol of the Greek War of Independence

Theodoros Kolokotronis is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of the Greek War of Independence, which took place from 1821 to 1830.

Greek Warriors Liberate Kalamata on March 23, 1821

The Greek War of Independence started a few days earlier than the official declaration with the liberation of Kalamata on March 23, 1821

Climate Change: Time Running Out for Earth, UN Report Warns

A UN report on climate change warned on Monday that the chance to secure a livable future for everyone on Earth is slipping away. That...

Celebrating Ancient Greek Math on Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Math fanatics from all around the world and everyone else who just loves pi (or pie) celebrate Pi Day on March...

Iran Could Make Enough Fissile Material For a Nuclear Bomb in 12 Days, US Offical Warns

Iran could make enough materials to produce a nuclear bomb in just "12 days" a senior US official claimed on Tuesday. Preventing the proliferation of...

Greece and Turkey Must Preserve Current Positive Climate, Athens Says

Greece and Turkey must preserve the positive climate in their relations following the deadly earthquakes, Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias said in an...

The Dramatic Moment Surfer is Rescued from Colossal Wave

The dramatic moment a surfer was rescued from a huge wave off the coast of Portugal was captured on a video. The incident earlier in...

Dramatic Footage of Greek Rescuers Saving Girl Under the Rubble in Turkey

Dramatic footage of a Greek team of rescuers saving a girl trapped under the rubble after the Turkey earthquake has been released. The body-cam video...

Scientists Propose Firing Moon Dust Into Space to Fix Climate Change

Scientists from the University of Utah, USA, say that firing moon dust into space could help stop global warming.