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The Greek Sponge Diver Who Became a Statue on Kalymnos

Captain Antonis Kampourakis has been diving into the depths of the Aegean sea, scouring the seafloor for precious sponges, for 50 years.

Dolphin Rescued Off Kalymnos Island By Greek Fishermen

A baby dolphin trapped in fishing nets off Kalymnos island in the Dodekanese was rescued by local fishermen.

Kalymnos: The Best Rock Climbing Destination in Greece

Kalymnos is considered one of the best rock climbing destinations in the world.

Kalymnos Children Sing Traditional Christmas Carols for Greeks Everywhere

The schoolchildren of the Greek island of Kalymnos in the Dodecanese archipelago sang the traditional Christmas carols or kalanda for Greek people everywhere on...

Kalymnos Island in Strict Lockdown as Cases Rise Across Greece

The Greek island of Kalymnos was once again put in strict coronavirus lockdown. Meanwhile, Greece records a total of 2,093 new cases. 

Kalymnos Island on Strict Lockdown After Rise in Coronavirus Infections

Kalymnos has been placed under strict coronavirus containment measures as of Thursday, New Year's Eve, the government said on Wednesday.

Missing Sister of “Kalymnos Lady” Statue Discovered on Aegean Seabed

A bronze statue dating from the Hellenistic times, "The Kalymnos Lady," was caught by Turkish fishermen recently off the coast of Marmaris.

Kalymnos Climbing Festival Kicks off on Friday

A large number of climbers from all over the world will participate in the Climbing Festival of Kalymnos that will take place on the...

Greek Islanders Paint Huge Flag on Kalymnos (video)

Locals from the island of Kalymnos in the Dodecanese, have shown their patriotism by painting a huge 4,000 square feet Greek flag on a rocky...

Missing Student on Kalymnos Island Found Murdered

Nikos Hadjipavlou, a 21-year-old student who went missing a week ago on the island of Kalymnos, was found murdered late on Saturday afternoon. Authorities believe...