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Christmas, Saturnalia, and the Real Birth Date of Jesus

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th in most parts of the world. Supposedly, this was the date of the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore,...

The 25 Stops of Jesus and the Holy Family in Egypt

Twenty-five locations in Egypt make up the trail that Joseph, Mary and infant Jesus followed as they fled King Herod's soldiers.

Is Christmas Really the Day Jesus Was Born?

Was Christ really born on December 25? The question of the correct dating of Christmas is an issue that has lingered in the minds...

Tomb of Salome, the Midwife Who Delivered Jesus, Reveals Treasures

Just days before Christians celebrate Christ's birth, the Tomb of Salome was discovered—along with other treasures—in the process of excavations at a burial cave...

The Ancient Greek Jesus Christ, Apollonius of Tyana

Greek philosopher Apollonius of Tyana from the Roman province of Cappadocia who lived in the first century CE is often linked with Jesus Christ....

Five Things to Know About Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is unquestionably the senior saint within the Christian tradition. Yet we know remarkably little about her. In the New...

Discovery of Greek Inscription Reveals Home of Saint Peter, Apostle of Jesus

Archaeologists believe that a Greek inscription discovered in what was the city of Bethsaida, Israel, identifies Apostle Peter's home. 

Holy Saturday: Greek Orthodox Prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus

Holy Saturday, the day before Greek Easter on Sunday, marks the last day of Holy Week for Orthodox Christians.

What Exactly Caused Jesus Christ’s Death?

It is known that the death of Jesus Christ occurred somewhere between AD 30 and AD 33. But the manner of his death remains...

Judas Received Around $250 to Betray Jesus Christ

According to the Gospel of John, Judas Iscariot received 30 silver coins, or in today's money, around $250, to betray Jesus and put him...