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Greek-Americans Fund Reconstruction Of Fire-Stricken Greek Hospital In Istanbul

The Greek-American community have pledged 350,000 US dollars for the reconstruction of the fire-stricken Balikli Greek Hospital in Istanbul.

Greek Hospital in Istanbul Damaged by Fire

The Balıklı Greek Hospital in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district caught fire on Thursday. Firefighting crews from throughout the city rushed to the scene while patients,...

Istanbul vs. Constantinople: Why Both Words are Greek

Istanbul is a name that the Greeks actually gave to the city. "Istanbul" derives from the Greek phrase "Is tin poli," meaning "into the city."

World-famous Greek diva Glykeria to perform at Istanbul Ataturk Centre

World-famous Greek diva Glykeria will be performing in Istanbul's iconic Atatürk Cultural Center tonight, May 28, in support of the Zografeion Lyceum. 

Hidden Byzantine Church in Istanbul Revealed in All Its Glory

A hidden Byzantine church and a holy spring were recently discovered at an excavation site in the Sultanahmet District of Istanbul.

CBS Apologizes to Turkey for Depicting Istanbul as Part of Greece

American broadcaster CBS News send a letter of apology to Turkey on Wednesday after portraying Istanbul and the Bosporus Straits as part of Greece...

Netflix’s New Drama Delves into the Pogrom of Greeks in Istanbul

A new Turkish historical drama series screened on Netflix delves into the pogrom suffered by the Greeks of Istanbul in September 1955. Despite the highly...

Mayor of Istanbul Imamoglu to Host Dinner for Christians

Turkey's Mayor Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, will host the first dinner in honor of Christians in the city's history this coming Monday. Notable Orthodox, Catholic, and...

September 6, 1955: The Violent Istanbul Pogrom Against Greeks

In 1955, the Greek population of the city of Istanbul were the victims of a heinous pogrom that resulted in the suffering and death of many.

Erdogan Vows to Complete Controversial Istanbul Canal in Six Years

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has made a statement assuring that the  Istanbul Canal will be completed in at least six years. The project will...