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United States of the Ionian Islands: The History of British Rule in Greece

The formation of the United States of the Ionian Islands under British rule in Greece is a little known period of the country's history.

Paxos: The Greek Island of Serene Beauty in the Ionian Sea

Paxos, also called Paxoi and Antipaxoi, offers another side of Greek culture, full of art, history, and stunning landscapes.

Ancient Diolkos Stone Road Allowed Ships to Go From Ionian to Aegean

The Diolkos stone road, a marvel of engineering from the time of Ancient Greece, allowed ships to travel overland from the Ionian Sea to...

Mount Etna Collapse “Could Trigger Tsunami” in Greece’s Ionian Sea

Mount Etna in Sicily, Europe’s biggest active volcano, is slipping eastwards into the sea, and scientists fear that it could trigger a catastrophic tsunami. Scientists...

A Greek Vacation Dilemma: The Ionian Islands or the Cyclades?

With the coming of winter soon, it will be time for hopeful travelers to face one of the most pleasant dilemmas in planning next...

Epirus Riviera: Crystal Clear Waters and Secret Coves of the Ionian Sea

The coasts of the Greek mainland hide a multitude of mesmerizing locations promising unforgettable moments to fortunate travelers. The Epirus Riviera in the northwestern...

Zakynthos: the Unique History and Wildlife of the Ionian Island

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful destinations Greece has to offer. Rich with history, this Ionian Sea island is famous for its beaches,...

Greece Accelerates Gas Exploration in the Ionian Sea and Crete

Greece is expected to announce initiatives to accelerate natural gas exploration in the Ionian Sea and in Crete after Russia threatened to cut off...

NBA Legend Magic Johnson Cruises the Ionian Sea in Greece

NBA legend Magic Johnson, regarded as the best point guard of all time, is sailing Greece's Ionian Sea aboard his $150 million luxury yacht.

Greece Celebrates Anniversary of Union With Ionian Islands

Greece celebrated in Friday the historic anniversary of the integration of the Ionian Islands with the mainland.