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The Steam Engine Created by Ancient Greeks That Was Used As a Toy

Heron of Alexandria was a brilliant ancient Greek inventor who was ahead of his time and created a prototype of a steam engine. This unique...

For Ancient Greeks, Our Modern Democracy is an Oligarchy

To ancient Greeks, our modern democracy would count as “oligarchy”. The rule of and by the few, as opposed to the power of the people.

DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

A recent DNA study by an international team of scientists showed when Ancient Greeks colonized Magna Graecia in Italy. Magna Graecia is the name of...

The Japanese Ship That Saved Greeks During the Smyrna Catastrophe

The story of the Japanese ship that saved Armenians and Greeks from genocide after the Smyrna Catastrophe was the theme of a Tokyo lecture.

How the Greeks of India Taught Astronomy to the World

The Horoscopy of the Greeks, known as "Yavanajataka," was composed around 270 A.D.. This text had a phenomenal influence on later Indian astrology and...

Ancient Greeks Used Cosmetics in Eternal Search for Beauty

The Greek word "kosmetika" is the root of the English word ‘cosmetics.’ The word also meant any product that protected the hair and face.

World’s Oldest Computer and Ancient Greeks’ View of the Universe

A bronze artifact salvaged from an ancient Greek shipwreck, recognized as the world's oldest computer, may hold the secrets of the universe. By Mike Edmunds When...

Greeks Have the Highest Working Hours in Europe, New Study Reveals

New statistics from the University of Groningen, incorporating Eurostat data, reveal that Greeks have the most working hours among Europeans. The new data showed that Greece...

The Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt

The story of Hellenism in Alexandria goes back more than two millennia, when Alexander the Great established the city.

September 6, 1955: the Violent Istanbul Pogrom Against Greeks

In 1955, the Greek population of the city of Istanbul were the victims of a heinous pogrom that resulted in the suffering and death of many.