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What Did India Learn From the Ancient Greeks?

The interaction of the two great ancient civilizations of Greece and India began with the invasion of Alexander the Great in 326 BC.

How Ancient Greeks Spread Buddhism to the Known World

Buddhism, a religion, or according to some, a path towards experiencing ultimate reality, was founded by Siddhārtha Gautama, a man from India also referred...

The Incredibly Diverse – And Healthy – Diet of the Ancient Greeks

The diet of the ancient Greeks is fascinating for so many reasons, and they had impressively varied eating habits.

Did the Ancient Greeks See Blue Like We Do?

Linguists and experts in the ancient world have long been puzzled by the absence of a distinct word for the color in Ancient Greek.

Levissi: The Ghost Village in Turkey Once Home to 10,000 Greeks

The ghost village of Levissi (known today as Kayaköy) was once a bustling Greek village on the slopes of a hill in the district...

Ancient Greeks Had More Than One God of Love

In the complicated and intricate world of ancient mythology, the Greek deities of love hold a prominent place of honor. In this mesmerizing world,...

What Do Greeks Have Against Tuesday the 13th?

Like the Anglo-Saxons consider Friday the 13th a bad luck day, Greeks have branded Tuesday the 13th as a day you'd rather stay home...

Did the War Between Atlantis and the Greeks Really Happen?

In Plato's account of Atlantis, found in both Timaeus and Critias, the legendary island civilization supposedly fought a war against the Greeks. This is a vital...

Why Greeks Break Plates: The History Behind the Custom

The sound of a plate smashing, shattering loudly as it meets the floor, is distinctive and tends to turn heads in a restaurant. Most...

Could It Be That the Ancient Greeks Created the First Pizza?

Pizza, the delicious flat bread that comes out of the oven topped with melted cheese and other yummy ingredients.