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The End of the World According to Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, mankind progressed through five ages, called The "Ages of Man," during which humanity reached its peak and eventual decline. Hesiod, or...

The Island of Delos: Where Greek Mythology and History Come Alive

When you want to escape to an Greek island which can transport you back to the times of the ancient Greek gods, look no further than Delos.

The Twenty Most Famous Movies Based on Greek Mythology

These timeless stories from ancient Greece or Greek mythology have been reinterpreted for modern audiences in engaging and beloved movies. 

The Goddess Hera’s Place in Ancient Greek Mythology

The goddess Hera, who loomed large in Ancient Greek mythology, was not only the wife and sister of Zeus, the King of the gods....

The Most Famous Creatures from Greek Mythology

There are many stories in Greek mythology as well as creatures, which are supernatural beings, by powers and abilities, mostly immortal. These strange and sometimes terrifying creatures were used according to Greek mythology by the gods. They were sent to protect someone or something or simply to cause fear.

The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology and Their Powers

According to ancient writers and Greek mythology, the muses are the sources of inspiration for the arts and knowledge. They are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine and the romantic companions of Apollo's entourage.

Scylla and Charybdis Embodied Male Fears in Greek Mythology

The monsters of Greek mythology form the very concepts of terror for us. The creatures Scylla and Charybdis are no exceptions to this rule.

The Oceanids: Powerful Water Nymphs of Ancient Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, there are over 3,000 Oceanids, or water nymphs. Although most commonly associated with water, not every Oceanid has an aquatic connection....

Korean Boyband BTS Inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology

K-pop megastars BTS who met President Biden at the White House on Tuesday have referenced and drawn inspiration from Ancient Greek mythology. “Hi, we’re BTS,...

Greek Mythology Photographer Makes Mortals into Gods

Currently Leanne Vorrias is traveling back to antiquity to capture gods and mortals in adventures of Greek myth. adventures.