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Mother’s Day: Timeless Photo of Greek Mother Saying Goodbye to Son

The photo of the emotional Greek mother giving one last farewell to her son is the essence of what is celebrated on Mother's Day.

15 Sayings Greek Mothers Tell Their Children

Greek mothers get kind of  "traditional" when it comes to their children, always repeating several cliché sayings that make children laugh

Greek Mother Charged with Her Child’s Murder Given More Time to Testify

Greek mother Roula Pispirigkou whose three children all died in suspicious medical circumstances over the last three years was brought before an Athens examining...

Greek Mothers, Grandmas and Wives to Enforce Quarantine As Police Struggle

Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis, who was among the first EU leaders to implement a strict quarantine in Greece, in now transferring the authority...

Greek Mother Pleads for Help for 5 Year Old Dimitris (video)

Ioanna, a 34-old mother from Chania in Crete, is pleading for help to save her 5 year old boy who is suffering from a...

Greek Mother’s Awesome Reaction to ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ News

A video of a Greek-American mother responding very enthusiastically to Nia Vardalos' news that a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" sequel is in the works has gone viral on the internet, even showing up on Time magazine's site.

Young Greek Mother and Baby Living on the Streets

The story of a young Greek mother who was for six months living on the streets with her baby and her father, has shocked...

15 Sayings Greek Mothers Use for Their Children

In our days, modern Greek mothers take fire from everywhere. They are unemployed, facing many financial difficulties, the misery of Greek bureaucracy, while being...

Kitestring: The Greek Mother App

A new application was launched that appears to be based on the logic of the Greek mother. It sends you messages to see if...

Greek Mother Loses Custody Because of the Internet

A mother in Crete, Greece, lost custody of her child, because according to the court, she was surfing the internet instead of providing a...