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The ‘Greek Titanic’: The Worst Naval Disaster in Modern Greek History

The sinking of the Greek passenger steamer Himara on January 19, 1947 near South Evia resulted in the loss of at least 383 people...

Saint Basil — a Towering Figure in Greek History

Saint Basil is remembered by the Greek people as the figure who bore gifts and helped children and the poor at Christmastime.

Art of George Petrides Inspired by Greek History at the Maliotis Center

An exhibition by Greek-American sculptor George Petrides opens on September 12th at the Maliotis Cultural Center, Brookline, MA. The exhibition titled Hellenic Heads: George Petrides...

Ancient Greek History Video Games Now Part of College Curricula

Taking advantage of our screen-based lives in modern times, college professors are now using history-based video games in university classrooms around the country, instilling...

Discover Centuries of Greek History in Veria

Built at the foot of Mount Vermion, the Greek city of Veria was the second most important town after Aigai in the ancient Macedonian...

The Greek History of Truffles: It All Started With a Thunderbolt from Zeus

The history of truffles is one of folklore and intrigue, but very few people know of its links to the ancient Greek god Zeus....

The Athens Grande Bretagne Hotel is Entwined With Greek History

The historic Grande Bretagne Hotel was built less than fifty years after Greece won its independence and the modern Greek State was beginning to...

Change Makers: Women Who Loomed Large in Greek History

Women in Greek history have persevered, protected, challenged and led in many realms over the centuries, including religion and the arts.

Epidaurus’ Dig Uncovers Layers of Ancient Greek History

Recent excavations at the Asclepeion of Epidaurus have revealed the remains of an even older temple building found at the shrine.

The Great Fire of Smyrna: One of the Darkest Moments in Greek History

The Great Fire of Smyrna and the killing of dozens of thousands of Greeks and Armenians by the Turkish Army and renegades several years...