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Political Scientist Kevin Featherstone Granted Greek Citizenship

British political scientist Kevin Featherstone was granted honorary Greek citizenship on Tuesday for his work on contemporary Greece and the European Union. He took the...

British Professor Peter Mackridge Granted Honorary Greek Citizenship

British Professor Peter Mackridge was granted honorary Greek citizenship during a ceremony in London earlier in the week for his services to Greek studies. Mackridge,...

Prominent British Historian Mark Mazower Gets Greek Citizenship

Prominent British historian Mark Mazower attended a ceremony awarding him Greek citizenship on Friday, during a visit to Athens to promote his new book. The...

British Historian Mark Mazower Receives Honorary Greek Citizenship

Mark Mazower, one of the most celebrated historians who has a special relationship with Greece, was granted Greek citizenship on Tuesday. The British historian...

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Mother, Brother Become Greek Citizens

"Greek Freak" Giannis Antetokounmpo attended a ceremony at the Greek Prime Minister's mansion in Athens on Thursday in which his mother Veronika and his...

How to Obtain Greek Citizenship: Process and Requirements Explained

Greeks born abroad keep the customs and tradition of Greece, but this doesn’t mean that Greek citizenship is a matter of course.

Alex Antetokounmpo, Youngest Brother of Giannis, Applies for Greek Citizenship

Alex Antetokounmpo, youngest brother of NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo, submitted an application for Greek citizenship in Athens on Tuesday.

First-Ever Written Exam for Greek Citizenship Slated for May 16

The first-ever written exam for Greek citizenship is scheduled for May 16, 2021, according to an announcement from the Interior Ministry.

Vaccination Platform Now Open to 75-79 Year Old Greek Citizens

The platform for coronavirus vaccinations for all those Greek citizens who are between the ages of 75-79 opened on Friday as the nation grapples...

Thousands of Greek-Americans Seek Greek Citizenship During Pandemic

Greek-Americans are flocking to consulates in the United States and applying for Greek citizenship -- even during the pandemic -- in hopes that they...