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Greek Actors, Artists on Strike Over ‘Downgrade’ of Qualifications

Greek actors and artists are on a 48-hour strike that started on Wednesday protesting against government plans to downgrade their educational qualifications leading to...

Why Did Ancient Greek Actors Wear Theater Masks?

One of the most enduring art forms from ancient Greece is that of theater. Greek tragedies and comedies are a touchstone for understanding ancient...

Prominent Greek Actor Kostas Kazakos Dies at 87

Kostas Kazakos, a prominent Greek actor, director, and politician, died on Tuesday in Athens. He was eighty-seven years old. Kazakos, born on May 29, 1935...

US Band “Manowar” Recruits Greek Actors for Odyssey-Themed Song

As part of a press conference before the Release Athens Festival, the founder and bassist for the band "Manowar," Joey DeMaio, announced an epic...

Greek Actor Manolis Emmanouel, Who Moved “Stonehenge” for Safekeeping

Greek actor Manolis Emmanouel moved a fake Stonehenge for Safekeeping on YouTube, advocating the return of the Parthenon sculptures to Greece.

Greek Actor Petros Filippidis Detained for Rape

Disgraced Greek actor Petros Filippidis has been detained after he was interrogated on the charges of one count of rape and two counts of attempted rape on Tuesday.

The Greek Actor Who Became a Star in Uganda, Africa

A Greek actor and photographer has been making a name for himself in Africa, where he has become a breakout star.

Famous Greek Actor Booted from Athens and Epidaurus Festivals

George Kimoulis, the well-known Greek actor and director, has just been booted from the Athens and Epidaurus Festivals, according to an official statement released...

Well-Known Greek Actor Panos Chatzikoutselis Dies at 75

The well-known, beloved Greek actor Panos Chatzikoutselis has passed away, most likely on Wednesday, at the age of 75, it was made public on...

Well-Known Greek Actor George Kotanidis Dies at 74

The well-known and beloved Greek actor George Kotanidis passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74. Kotanidis, not only a prominent actor but a...