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Exarcheia: Most Misunderstood Neighborhood in Athens

Often referred to as the anarchist neighbourhood of Athens, there is much more to Exarcheia than immediately meets the eye.

Greek Police Clear Out Another Migrant Squat in Exarcheia, Athens

Greek police initiated a new operation in downtown Athens' Exarcheia neighborhood on Tuesday morning in their ongoing efforts to clear squatters from buildings there. The...

Video Shows Violent Clashes Between Anarchists and Police in Exarcheia

A video was published on Twitter on Monday evening showing how a group of so-called anarchists attacked police officers with Molotov cocktails in a...

Exarcheia District Residents Plead for Help

Residents of the infamous Athens district of Exarcheia published an angry open letter on Wednesday which describes the climate of lawlessness which prevails in their...

The Most Influential Greek Rebetiko Singers of All Time

Rebetiko, sometimes called the "Greek Blues," is perhaps the most influential genre of Greek music. While the movement as a whole was significant internationally,...

The Story of Greek Ice Cream: The Essential Summertime Treat

What is the history of ice cream, the perfect summertime treat, in Greece?

Ten Unique Murals in Athens, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Athens is a city filled with graffiti and murals of all kinds. Looking at the street art around it can help you get to the soul of the city!

The Best Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops in Athens

Fashion lovers have long hunted for special clothing items and accessories at vintage, secondhand, and thrift stores, but the practice has only recently become a trend.

How Athens Neighborhoods and Squares Got Their Names

There are several famous --but strangely named -- neighborhoods and squares in Athens and even Athenians don't know how they first got their monikers. Plateia...

Perfect Spots for Walking in Downtown Athens

The many fascinating views of the Greek capital, Athens, are better appreciated and enjoyed if walking down its streets at a relaxed pace rather...