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Greece Invokes Constitution to Impose Compulsory Vaccination

Greece's Prime Minister defended compulsory vaccination for some groups by referencing Article 25 of the Greek constitution on Friday. 

Greek Bicentennial Commemorated Aboard USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was the setting for a gala commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Greek Revolution.

Greek War of Independence Heroes Visited Iconic Ship USS Constitution

The USS Constitution had three distinguished visitors during its Mediterranean visit in 1827 -Kolokotronis, Canaris and Lord Byron.

Greek Parliament Concludes Constitutional Revision with Nine Articles Amended

After a marathon session, the Greek Parliament finally agreed on Monday afternoon on which new Constitutional amendments will be approved by the House. The Parliament...

Will Diaspora Vote Constitutional Amendment Garner Unanimous Parliamentary Support?

The final version of the ruling New Democracy's (ND) proposed constitutional amendment concerning the voting rights of Greeks abroad was submitted to the Parliament...

Constitutional Amendment for Expat Greek Vote Brought Before Parliament

Greek Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos presented the final bill concerning the right of Greeks living abroad to vote at the plenary session of Parliament...

Greece to Make Minimum Guaranteed Income a Constitutional Right

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday that his government will bring forward a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a basic income for all of...

Previous SYRIZA Government's Reforms to Religious Education Ruled Unconstitutional

The Council of State (STE), Greece's highest administrative court, published its ruling on Friday in which it deems the changes to religious education introduced...

September 3, 1843: When Greeks Forced Their German King to Grant a Constitution

After Greece gained its independence after fighting off the Ottoman Empire, the Greek insurgents called upon Ioannis Kapodistrias, a former foreign minister of Russia, to...

Greek Parliament Votes to Amend The Country's Constitution

The Greek Parliament conducted a series of votes on Thursday for the final decision on which of the forty-three articles of the Constitution that...