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Did Byzantine Christian Icons Conceal Pagan Gods?

Religious icons of Christ, the Blessed Mother Mary, and the saints are integral to the religious practices of Orthodox Christians. The tradition was largely...

1,000-Year-Old Byzantine Gold Coin Found on Norway’s Mountains

A Byzantium-era gold coin that was recently discovered in the mountains of southern Norway has historians and archaeologists perplexed over how it ended up...

Why Was Greek the Predominant Language of the Byzantine Empire?

Greek was the predominant language spoken in the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman). Despite Romans establishing the empire, Latin was always ranked second. The lands that...

Monastery of the Philosopher Among Oldest Byzantine Monuments in Greece

The Monastery of the Philosopher in Arcadia, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is steeped in Greek history

The Mysterious Greek Fire Weapon of the Byzantine Empire

Greek fire was an incendiary weapon used by the Byzantines in naval battles, spewing fire that even burned on water

Justinian II, the Byzantine Emperor Who Had His Nose Cut Off

Justinian II is remembered for his brutality as the last Byzantine emperor in the Heraclian dynasty. His reign of terror inspired a popular uprising...

Sundial Calendar, the Byzantine “Antikythera Mechanism”

Referred to as the Byzantine "Antikythera Mechanism", the portable sundial-calendar on display at the London Science Museum is fifteen centuries old and is proof...

Last Descendant of Byzantine Emperor Palaiologos Buried on Barbados

The last descendant of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Palaiologos is buried in the most unlikely of places - on the island of Barbados in...

The Hidden Ruins of Byzantine Constantinople in Today’s Istanbul

The ruins of Byzantine culture in Constantinople remain intact to this day reminding the World of the great Byzantine Empire of centuries ago

How Byzantine Architecture Influenced the World

Despite relative obscurity in Western historiography, Byzantine architecture has had a profound influence across the world. The Byzantines, also known as the Eastern Romans,...