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British Government Rejects Military Base in Cyprus As a New Migrant Path

The British government has rejected the possibility that a British military base in Cyprus will become a new route for migrants and refugees trying to...

British Government Funds Greece's Project for Voluntary Return of Migrants

The Greek Minister of Public order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias, jointly with the British Ambassador, John Kittmer, announced the launch of a 2...

British Airways Asks UK Government to Place Greece on “Green List”

The UK flagship carrier British Airways -- along with Heathrow-- asked the UK to add more countries to its "Green List" category.

We Decide About the Parthenon Sculptures, Not the UK Government, Says British Museum

The British Museum made a statement on Monday regarding the issue of the Parthenon sculptures and their potential transfer, as a loan, to Greece...

Lord Elgin Paid No British Customs Tax on Parthenon Sculptures, Letters Suggest

New evidence suggest that Lord Elgin didn't pay British customs tax when he brought the Parthenon sculptures to the UK.

British Navy Tracks Two Russian Submarines in the North Sea

A British Navy warship HMS Portland has tracked two Russian submarines in the North Sea. The British submarine hunter shadowed the vessels from Russia's...

Father Dimitrios: The Orthodox Monk Who was a British Spy

The story of Father Dimitrios, the monk who turned out to be a spy for the British Intelligence Service in pre-World War II Greece

Over 100,000 Greek Artifacts Stored in British Museum Vaults

Over 100,000 Greek artifacts are stored underground in the vaults of the British Museum, the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles...

British Tourists Suspected of Having Monkeypox in Greece

A British tourist and his partner in Greece are suspected of having the first cases of monkeypox in Greece. The rare infection has been...

British Museum Claims Parthenon Marbles “Removed from the Rubble”

Greece has rejected claims made by the British Museum on Friday that marbles taken from the Parthenon were “removed from the rubble” by Lord...