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Greece’s Astypalea Hosts Parkour’s Most Prestigious Competition

The island of Astypalea in Greece hosted the Red Bull Art of Motion 2022 this week which is regarded as the most daring parkour...

Greece's Astypalea Aims to Become First Smoke-Free Island

The island of Astypalea, in the Dodecanese, has set the ambitious task of becoming the first Greek island that is "smoke-free". In a country where...

Ancient Love Inscriptions in Astypalea

The concept of love during the ancient Greek times isn’t that different from nowadays. The only change is the way people used to express...

A Rare Tornado Struck Astypalea

A phenomenon of unprecedented intensity struck a Dodecanese Island, Astypalea. It was a large wedge tornado and a satellite waterspout just behind it, that lasted for...

Jeff Gross Discusses Upcoming Movie on Astypalea Island, GR

We have seen his work visually transferred in cinema from the magnificent view of Roman Polanski. Jeff Gross appart from being a very good...

The Greek Pioneers Who Dug the Suez Canal

Greece has been connected to the Suez Canal since it was first envisioned as a pie-in-the-sky project in the mid-nineteenth century.

The First Smoke-Free Beach in Attica

Marikes Beach, which is located outside of Athens in Attica, will be the region's first smoke-free beach. In a country known for its large number...

Greek PM Mitsotakis Addresses Turkey Tensions In Reuters Interview

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis has commented on the recent tensions with Turkey, in the context of his Reuters interview for the Astypalaia green energy project. 

Ten Greek Castles That Will Take Your Breath Away

Greek castles remind us of impressive stories from their epic past, some ranked among the best-preserved buildings in Europe.

Ancient Cemetery for Infants Discovered on Greek Island

The study of the largest ancient Greek cemetery for infants found on Astypalea island in Greece continues, shedding light on the goddess of childbirth