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ND Accuses SYRIZA of Having Had Controversial Ifikratis Amyras in its Ballot Lists

Ifikratis Amyras, a left-extremist who had seemingly advocated a “guerrilla war” against the forces responsible for the Greece EU-IMF bailout, has denied having had...

Spectacular Neda Gorge in Greece Listed for Protection

The Gorge of Neda, which separates the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia, in the southwestern Peloponnese, will be declared a protected landscape and natural...

The 8 Pristine Mountains of Greece Where Construction Is Banned

Greece has decided to ban all construction on six 'pristine mountains' in order to stop the overexploitation of the environment of recent years

Whale Dies in Rhodes, Greece With 15kg of Plastic in its Stomach

A beaked whale that washed up and was found dead on a beach in Rhodes, Greece on Monday died because of 15kg of plastic...

Whale Stranded in Greece Found Dead Despite Rescue Attempts

The whale that was stranded in Greece passed away on Wednesday despite valiant attempts at saving its life by volunteers and veterinarians. According to an...

Volunteers Fight to Save Stranded Whale in Greece

The story of a stranded beaked whale, which is ill and has been injured by a boat propeller, continues in Greece as volunteers are...

Turtles Suffer Slow Death Trapped in Lake North of Athens

Turtles suffer slow death trapped in cage in lake north of Athens Residents of a community north of Athens discovered tens of dead turtles

Greek Cabinet Reshuffle: The New Government Makeup

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reshuffled the Greek cabinet on Monday.

Varoufakis' Party On Cusp of Losing Seat in European Parliament to ND

  Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis on Monday called the performance of his MeRA25 party in the elections for the European parliament "a small...

The 21 Candidates Most Likely to Become Greece's Next MEPs

As votes for each one of the individual MEP candidates are still being counted, those who are currently leading the races now seem to...