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The Must-See Ancient Greek Site of Amphipolis

The ancient Greek city of Amphipolis, one of Greece's many exceptional archaeological sites, was an Athenian colony founded in 437 BCE on the older...

Who Is Buried in the Amphipolis Tomb?

The Amphipolis Tomb, or Kasta Tomb, in northern Greece has captivated both archaeologists and history enthusiasts worldwide since its discovery in 2012. The question...

Greece Partially Opens the Amphipolis Tomb

Greece has partially opened the Kasta Tomb monument of Amphipolis which can be visited by specific groups of people as of Tuesday, nine years...

Ancient Statue Unearthed at Amphipolis, Greece

An impressive ancient statue is among the latest discoveries at the archaeological site of Amphipolis, Northern Greece. 

Amphipolis Tomb Could Open To Visitors By End of 2022

The impressive ancient Greek monument in Northern Greece known as the Amphipolis Tomb could open for visitors by the end of 2022.

Ancient Greece’s Amphipolis Unveils New Secrets

The finding of pieces of a large Roman building in the area of the Ancient Amphipolis Acropolis is an important archaeological development

Tomb of Amphipolis, Ancient Wonder of the World, to be Rebuilt

The Tomb of Amphipolis, considered to be one of the ancient Wonders of the World, will soon be rebuilt, showcasing the remnants of the...

Man Arrested for Illegal Excavation in Amphipolis

Found with a metal detector in his hand, a 68-year old man was arrested on Sunday for illegally excavating in the archaeological site of Amphipolis.

Greece Aims to Open the Amphipolis Tomb to Visitors by 2022

The Greek government intends to bring forward the deadlines for completing work on the Kasta Hill Tomb in Amphipolis, Serres so that the site...

Authorities Approve Restoration of Ancient Amphipolis Monument in Macedonia

The Central Archaeological Council of Greece (KAS) unanimously approved a study on how best to stabilize, restore and display the Casta Hill Monument at...