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Anti-Americanism on the Wane in Greece, According to Pew Research

Anti-Americanism in Greece is on the wane, according to a Pew Research Center survey which showed that 56% of Greeks have a positive view...

Scientists Find Mysterious Holes on the Ocean Floor Spewing Fluids

A study published in the journal Science Advances recently reported a strange discovery: small holes in the ocean floor near Newport, Oregon, that are...

Younger Greeks Turning their Back on Religion, New Research Claims

Greece is second among 106 countries where people under the age of 40 are less likely to say religion is "very important" in their...

Pew Research: Greeks Overwhelmingly Unhappy with Their Democracy

A staggering 79% of the Greek public say that they are unhappy with the way the democratic system works in Greece, according to the...

Pew Survey Says Greeks are Among Most Pessimistic in the World

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that Greeks are among the most pessimistic people in the world, as reported by ekathimerini....

US Image in Greece and Across the World Rebounds With Biden Survey Finds

The US' image has increased sharply in Greece since Joe Biden became president, according to a Pew Research Center study published Thursday. 

Finding Your Soulmate, the Ancient Greek Way

How did people in Ancient Greece view love? What did the greatest thinkers of antiquity say about the eternal quest of finding a soulmate?

Suicide Of Gay Couple Rocks Armenia

Armenia was rocked last week with the suicide of a young homosexual couple. On the evening of October 20th, the two young men jumped...

International Roma Day: The Stigmatized People of Greece

The issue of Roma people in Greece remains controversial to this day, as they prefer to live in the margins of society, refusing to integrate

German Chancellor Merkel Exits with Good Reviews — But Not from Greece

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is leaving office after 16 years, receiving favorable  assessment internationally, the same has not been forthcoming from Greece. According to the Pew...