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Nuclear Bunker Sales Soar in US as Anxiety Over Russia Rises

bomb shelter russia ukraine war
Interest in bomb shelters and “preppers” has spiked since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. Credit: US Department of Defense, via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

There has been a spike in interest in purchasing nuclear bunkers in the US in response to the war in Ukraine according to business owners in the industry.

The potential for World War III if the U.S. or NATO intervene in the war between Russia and Ukraine has provoked fear and anxiety across the world.

Additionally, Russia’s status as a nuclear power has compounded these fears. Use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine would have a devastating impact on the entire world.

NATO and U.S. President Biden have warned that Russia may deploy chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, a possibility that has caused concern across the world.

Interest in bunkers by “preppers” has increased since war in Ukraine

In the case of a war, or the deployment of such a weapon, some people in the U.S. may feel they need additional protection.

Unlike many former Soviet nations, the U.S. does not have many public bomb shelters. While images of Ukrainians huddled underground in shelters protected from airstrikes and missiles have spread across the internet, some Americans have started looking into investing in their own private shelters in case of a future war.

“Preppers,” or people who are preparing for catastrophic events such as nuclear war and the effects of climate change, have become much more active in preparing for the potential of war in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Gary Lynch, the CEO of the Rising S Company, which sells bunkers, said to The Guardian that sales have increased exponentially in the past month, likely due to the war in Ukraine.

“In the past month, I would have normally fielded less than 100 inquiries – I’ve fielded over 3,000,” he said to the paper.

Rising S offers steel bunkers that can be customized according to people’s needs and budget. The bomb shelters can be buried in the client’s backyard, and some models even include air and water filtration units.

Prices for such bunkers range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Others are offering space in larger, more community-oriented bunkers, and there are even bunkers modeled after luxury hotels, such as the “Survival Condo” in Kansas. A spot at the Condo can cost millions of dollars.

How nuclear war would impact the planet

Over the past few decades, numerous experts have been trying to assess the true impact nuclear war would have on the planet.

In an interview with Vox, Alan Robock, an environmental sciences professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, explains how his work has focused on three factors — economic, scientific, and agricultural models — that aim to explain the long-term impacts of a nuclear war.

He has found the most devastating long-term effects come down to the black smoke that hampers the growth of crops and which will likely have unintended consequences on the entire globe. In other words, effects will not be restricted to targeted areas.

The dust and particles in the air, exacerbated by the fact that cities and industrial areas would likely be targeted for their impact, would produce tons of smoke. Some of that smoke would make it to the stratosphere and would stay there for years, expand around the world as it heats up, and eventually block out sunlight over much of the planet.

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