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Daily Archives: Aug 11, 2021

Solar Eclipse Phenomenon Prompted Ancient Greeks to Study the Stars

A Solar eclipse was one of the phenomena that prompted the ancient Greeks to come up with the most brilliant astronomic discoveries.

US Turns to Social Media Influencers to Persuade the Unvaccinated

The US is still at risk as the Delta variant makes it way across the nation - leading authorities to turn to social media campaigns.

Students in Greece to Return to School Vaccinated or with Negative Test

Students and teachers in Greece will show proof of vaccination, antibodies, or test negative for the coronavirus to get back to classroom.

Greece Fires: Foreign Assistance Surpasses All Expectations

The assistance to Greece provided by dozens of nations has reached unprecedented proportions.

Cyprus Remembers Brutal Murder of Tassos Isaac by Turkish Nationalists

August 11 marks 25 years since the brutal murder of the Greek Cypriot demonstrator Tassos Isaac inside the United Nations Buffer Zone in 1996.

Canada-USA Border Now Open for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Canada has officially opened the Canada--United States border to visitors for the first time in over a year. Canada had closed its borders during...

Greece Fires: Evia, Arcadia Continue to Battle Huge Blazes

The fires that have been burning in various parts of Greece have continued their destructive path for the ninth consecutive day.

Archaeologist Stephen Miller, Father of Nemean Games Revival, Dies

Following five decades of research and excavations, Stephen G. Miller leaves behind a legacy to Greece and the world of the Nemean Games. Professor Miller died on Tuesday following a hemodialysis procedure

Greece Commends its Firefighters: “We Fought a Great Battle”

As Greece's firefighters continue their battle to subdue the wildfires ravaging the country, the nation's civil protection chief Nikos Hardalias has praised their firefighting...