Greek News Energy Major Power Disruption in Southeast Europe, Greece Not Affected

Major Power Disruption in Southeast Europe, Greece Not Affected

Electricity power lines in the sky

A major disruption in the electric power transmission system of Southeastern Europe occurred on Friday afternoon, Greece’s Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) announced late on Friday night.
This outage had, as a result, the separation of the system of Southeastern Europe from the rest of the Continental Europe Synchronous Area.
Luckily enough, the disruption did not affect Greece, ADMIE said, while the cause of the incident is still not known.
It all happened at 15:05 EET (14:05 CET) on Friday afternoon.
According to ADMIE’s announcement, the frequency value in Central Europe contained around 49.7 Hz while in Southeastern Europe approximately at 50.3 Hz.
All those agencies concerned ”took the appropriate remedial actions and achieved the restoration of the parallel operation between the two separated parts of the European System within one hour. The consequences of the incident on the Greek System led to changes in Cross Border flows and production. The causes of the incident are being investigated while the operation of the Greek System remains safe,” ADMIE said.

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