Greek News Culture Mushroom Museum of Meteora Wins Award for Virtual Reality Display

Mushroom Museum of Meteora Wins Award for Virtual Reality Display

The new wing of the Mushroom Museum in the Greek city of Meteora. Credit: Meteora Museum/YouTube

The unique Mushroom Museum of Meteora, part of the Greek town’s Natural History Museum, took the bronze medal in the “Cultural” category in the 2020 Greek Lighting Awards.

The museum’s latest wing, developed along with the Greek company Interactive Light Designs, based in Larissa, explores the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, and features spatial augmented reality, immersing the visitor into the world of mushrooms.

The cutting-edge technology of spatial augmented reality utilizes projected images that overlap with the wing’s physical space to create completely immersive environments.

Rather than relying on traditional museum displays to explore the health benefits of mushrooms, the new wing of the museum brings the topic to life with colorful, interactive light and image projections.

This makes the experience more interesting to those who are interested in virtual reality, or VR.

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