Greece Greek Father and His Baby Girl Killed After Car Hits Pedestrians in...

Greek Father and His Baby Girl Killed After Car Hits Pedestrians in Germany

The suspect is arrested on Tuesday. Video frame/Twitter

A Greek father and his two-month-old child are among the five people who died when a man plowed his car into a group of people in a pedestrian zone in the southwest German city of Trier on Tuesday.
According to, the car hit the family — who were members of the Greek Orthodox community — who had gone for a walk.
The 45-year-old father, who was a dentist, and his baby girl were killed, while his wife and their other child were injured.

Officers arrested the driver of the car, a 51-year-old German national. He was being questioned by police and will be prosecuted for murder and manslaughter, police said.
The chief public prosecutor said the driver was “severely intoxicated” — with a blood alcohol level of 1.4 — and there are “indications of psychological illness.”
Trier police said the motive was unknown, that the suspect has no police record and his background shows an indication of political motivation.
The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its sorrow for the tragic death in a statement.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its grief over the tragic death of five citizens in Trier, Germany yesterday, which unfortunately includes two Greeks, a man and his daughter who is only a few weeks old.
“According to the information so far from the competent German authorities, his wife and their son are being treated for injuries.
“The Consulate General in Frankfurt is in constant contact with the German authorities to provide any assistance.”

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