Greek News Greek American Singer Zoe Behrakis Releases Second Single

Greek American Singer Zoe Behrakis Releases Second Single

Greek-American singer Zoe Behrakis. Credit: Zoe Behrakis/Facebook

After making her breakthrough singing debut with the song “Grace” in April, up-and-coming Greek American singer Zoe Behrakis has released her second single, “Echo.”

Originally from Boston, Massachussets, the talented singer now works in Nashville, Tennessee, a city full of all types of music, where many stars singing in different genres got their first big breaks.

Behrakis wrote and released her first single, “Grace,” as people around the world were staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic: “This is a crazy time and I feel that this song could resonate with people who are stuck at home and confused — the way I am.”

Behrakis’ goal seems to have been met, as the song has already racked up hundreds of thousands of listens across streaming services.

“I wanted the song to be empowering, not a sob story about how my life was bad for a moment. It’s about coming out on the other side, better, stronger, and knowing that you can get through anything,” Behrakis told Greek Reporter.

Credit: Zoe Behrakis/Facebook

“Echo,” her newest single, explores on themes of anxiety and mental illness, things that touch many people worldwide but few discuss openly. On her Facebook page, Behrakis writes: “for me, music is a kind of therapy…” and her latest single is “about accepting your anxiety as a part of your being, but at the same time not letting it control you.”

Behrakis embraces her Greek roots. Her father’s family is from the beautiful Mani peninsula, famed for its rugged landscape and picturesque villages, and her mother’s parents were both born in a small village outside of Thessaloniki in northern Greece. She tries to visit Greece as often as she can.

As a child, Behrakis often put on recitals for her family in the living room, belting out her favorite songs with her beautiful voice. Although her vocal talent was evident from a very young age, Behrakis only started to refine her skills in middle school, when she began working with a vocal coach.

After honing her talent with her voice coach for many years, Behrakis was given the opportunity to work with PCG, a music agency located in Nashville. She’s been affiliated with PCG for over a year, which involves working with them in Nashville when she’s not studying psychology at Boston College.

“Echo” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music.

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