Australia Plans to Close Greek Studies Program of La Trobe University Sparks Reactions

Plans to Close Greek Studies Program of La Trobe University Sparks Reactions

The Martin Building of the La Trobe University. Photo credit: Rmjelley/Wikipedia

La Trobe University of Victoria, in Melbourne, announced recently that it is planning to discontinue its Modern Greek Studies program, sparking widespread negative reactions across the Greek Australian community.

Currently, this is the only program in Victoria to offer a complete and comprehensive program of instruction in Modern Greek Studies from complete beginners to the PhD level.

Members of the Greek community in Australia and students have launched a petition to stop this negative development, with people being urged to sign the petition here.

The organizers of the petition note that ”Modern Greek has been taught at La Trobe University for 38 years. La Trobe is the only Victorian university that offers a Modern Greek Studies program. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, La Trobe University has decided to discontinue this unique program.”

They also added that ”it would be a shame if La Trobe decided to disregard the wealth of knowledge that the Greek program has to offer. We, the students, are genuinely concerned that in the globalized world that we live in, La Trobe University is taking steps to diminish the role that language has to play in its students’ past, present and future.”

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