Greek News Education More American Students Choose Greece as Study Destination

More American Students Choose Greece as Study Destination

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Credit: Greek Reporter

More and more American students are now choosing to pursue academic opportunities in Greece, according to the “Open Doors 2020” survey, which was recently released by the Institute of International Education.
While Greece has always been a popular destination for students due to its immense historical and cultural significance, the country witnessed an increase of 11.7% in the number of American students when it welcomed nearly 6,000 of them during the 2018/2019 academic year.
The increase in students from the United States boosted Greece’s ranking to 12th among all the top study destinations for American students. The country was previously ranked 14th in 2019 and 17th in 2018.
Many Greek students are also chooseing to study in America, with the study revealing that 2,489 Greeks participated in educational exchanges in the US during the 2019/2020 academic year.
Recognizing that studying abroad makes for the perfect opportunity for cultural immersion and exchange, through which students develop academically, personally, and professionally, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt stated that he was “thrilled” at the increase in American students in Greece.
Pyatt, who has served as Ambassador since 2016, stated that he expected even more students from the US to come to Greece in the future, since “the Greek Ministry of Education builds on its excellent initiatives to attract more international students, deepening the bonds between our peoples and strengthening our shared values.”
Ambassador Pyatt stressed that the United States Embassy in Greece will continue to support the efforts of the Greek Ministry of Education and of American students who wish to explore the many unique cultural and academic experiences available in Greece.

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