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Greek Neo-Nazi MEP Upset He Won’t Receive EU Parliament Stipend

Former Golden Dawn leader Ioannis Lagos in the Greek Parliament. Credit: Jebulon/Wikipedia

Ioannis Lagos, a member of the European Parliament and former leader of Golden Dawn, will no longer receive his daily EU parliament stipend of 323 euros ( about $380 US), along with most other members of the European Parliament.

Lagos once headed the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which was adjudged to be a criminal organization by a court in Athens in a historic decision in early October.

Members of the party were sentenced for a range of crimes, including murder and the operation of a criminal organization.

Of the 50 defendants found guilty of crimes by the court, 38 were sentenced to prison terms.

As a member of the EU Parliament, Lagos enjoys parliamentary immunity in Brussels, skipping out on arrest and the 13-year sentence handed down to him by the court in Greece.

In an email obtained by European press, Lagos complained about the European Parliament’s decision to suspend the daily attendance stipend, only paid if members physically appear at Parliament buildings in Strasbourg or Brussels, in light of Covid-19.

The EU Parliament temporarily stopped taking attendance records in order to discourage members from coming in to the building.

Brussels is currently experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases.

In addition to the daily stipend, members of the EU Parliament who are present for over 50% of parliamentary sessions are granted 4,563 euros ($5,348 US) to cover their general expenses.

Parliamentary sessions impacted by the coronavirus are not factored into the 50% attendance required to receive the stipend.

These additional monies are in addition to their annual salaries.

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