Greece Greece Braces for Hail Storms as Weather Front Circe Closes In

Greece Braces for Hail Storms as Weather Front Circe Closes In

Credit: AMNA

Τhe low pressure front responsible for the weather system Circe is already moving east and will begin to affect the southwest of Greece early on Wednesday, with the phenomena gradually spreading toward the northeast and affecting a large part of the country.
According to a forecast by the Athens National Observatory’s weather service, the weather will be most intense on Wednesday, with heavy rain and storms in the Peloponnese, Crete, eastern Central Greece (including Attica), the Cyclades islands, Thessaly, the island of Evia and the islands of the Eastern Aegean.
By Wednesday afternoon the inclement weather will also have reached Eastern Macedonia and Thrace as well as the northern Aegean. Hail may fall in the Cyclades, Crete, the islands of the Dodecanese and Central Greece, as well as the islands of the Eastern Aegean.
On Thursday, the rain and thunderstorms are expected to be confined mainly to eastern parts of the country and the Aegean and to subside during the day.
The rain will be accompanied by strong winds, reaching up to 8-9 Beaufort in the southern Aegean, and the weather conditions will promote the carrying of African sand and dust into the skies over the country, particularly in eastern and southern areas, where its concentration will be high.
Source: AMNA

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