Canada Canadians Now Banned from Traveling to Greece

Canadians Now Banned from Traveling to Greece

Air Canada was one of the first airlines in North America to resume flights to Athens, Greece for international travelers after the pandemic broke out. Photo credit:

In what came as a surprise move, Greek authorities on Sunday banned flights from Canada in a new ruling originating from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The new restriction will be in place at least until November 8, 2020, according to the authorities.

The country is keeping its overall ban in place regarding travel from most countries outside the EU, with the exceptions of the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Uruguay, South Korea, Rwanda, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

All travelers coming from these nations will still be subject to random coronavirus testing at the airport after landing in Greece.

The HCAA stated “Regarding the previous airline directive that has been extended, Singapore has been added to the exception list for flights we accept and Canada, Georgia and Tunisia have been removed,” in its new ruling.

The Greek aviation body reminds all air travelers that they must still fill out a PLF before their arrival in the country. The forms are available here.

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