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Exhibit in London Shows Life in the Moria Refugee Camp

The second day of fires in Moria. Credit:@th_voulgarakis/Twitter

A video display about the realities of the refugee camp in Moria, titled “Life in a Camp,” is on view at the Imperial War Museum in London until May 24.

The free exhibition contains video from the camp on the Greek island of Lesvos before and after the disastrous fire that razed the over-crowded camp in September.

The immersive video, which is only a 5-minute segment of years-long footage, contains scenes of daily life from Moria, which was Europe’s largest camp, from the months of February and September.

Images of the overcrowded camp, which was built to house just over 2,000 people but held 18,000 at its peak, are meant to be unsettling. Viewers stand before three large walls, upon which the video is projected, and face the realities of life as a refugee in Moria.

Along with images of extremely difficult conditions come moments of joy, including children playing, residents praying, and families making humble meals together.

Photographs of the scorched camp, destroyed after a series of fires in September, and refugees left with nowhere to sleep follow, exemplifying the instability of life as a refugee–one day you have a shelter, albeit rough, and the next you’re forced to sleep along the road.

The video display about Moria is part of the larger exhibit that documents that refugee experience over hundreds of years through video, art, and other media.

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