Life entertainment New TV Series to Tell the Story of Saint Paisios in Greece

New TV Series to Tell the Story of Saint Paisios in Greece

Icon of one of Greece’s modern-day saints, St. Paisios. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The life of Saint Paisios, who is widely venerated around the world but especially in Greece and Russia, will be the subject of a new television series which is currently in production.
Reportedly, filming is taking place in Konitsa, a town near Ioannina in the region of Epirus, where St. Paisios spent most of his life before becoming a monk on Mt. Athos.
Born in Cappadocia, Turkey in 1924,  St. Paisios fled to Greece with his family as refugees after the population exchange between Turkey and Greece soon after his birth. The exchange had been formalized in 1923, but continued into the following year.
After completing his service as a radio operator during the Greek Civil War in 1950, St. Paisios followed his vocation for monasticism and went to live on Mt. Athos.
Mt. Athos, located on a spectacularly beautiful, mountainous peninsula in northern Greece, is known internationally for its many important monasteries, as well as its ban on female visitors.
While at Mt. Athos, St. Paisios dedicated his life to helping others, and is also venerated for his deeply spiritual and ascetic life.
St. Paisios passed away at the age of 69 in 1994. He was canonized in 2015 by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
During his life, the saint made many famous predictions regarding world events and politics, including a future war between Turkey and Russia that would lead to Greece expanding her borders to areas that had been Greek in antiquity.
The television series about the life of the saint will include big names in the world of Greek theater, television, and cinema. According to reports from the Greek press, filming will also take place in Athens and Ioannina.

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