Greece Underwater Cable Accidentally Cut, Leaving Most of Greece Without Internet

Underwater Cable Accidentally Cut, Leaving Most of Greece Without Internet

Greece offers Free Global Wi-fiAn underwater fiber optic cable from Bulgaria owned by Vodafone was accidentally severed around noon Wednesday, leaving most of the country without internet service.
Many business dealings came to a screeching halt at the time since most of Greece uses Vodaphone as the vendor for their internet service.
Vodafone users Tweeted posts complaining about the slow to nonexistent service. At the present time there is no functioning customer service at the Vodafone headquarters’ call center, so that makes the situation all the more maddening for its millions of users in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria.
However, Vodafone representatives in other countries, including Ireland, have confirmed that it indeed was an accidentally cut fiber optic cable that has resulted in a loss of service. The cable reportedly was cut in Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria, leaving the Greek network isolated.
It is also being reported that the problem could be resolved in two hours’ time.

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