Greek News Diplomacy Turkish Presidential Spokesperson: Exploratory Talks with Greece on 3 Levels

Turkish Presidential Spokesperson: Exploratory Talks with Greece on 3 Levels

Ibrahim Kalin. Credit: Tahirselim/Wikimedia Commons

Turkish Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin announced on Friday that the exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey will take place on three levels: territorial delineation, military issues, and political matters, according to the Anadolu agency.
Speaking to the press, the Turkish official said that the exploratory talks were a mechanism set up in 2002 to discuss the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone, and the airspace in the Aegean, and went on until 2016. He added that the 61st round of exploratory negotiations will continue from where it left off. “Whatever issues were discussed then, they will continue to be discussed today,” he said.
Kalin said that in these exploratory talks there will be two other important negotiation processes, one at a political level and one at the military level for confidence-building measures.
The political negotiations will take place at the foreign minister-level. Among the issues to be discussed will be the economy, tourism, border security, and minorities.
In the military talks, there will be a structure in which a joint working mechanism can be created in the Aegean between the Greek and Turkish armies regarding the sea, the air, and the border. As he said, a series of contacts have been made and meetings were held in NATO in this context.
“It is very important for the Turkish president to give room to diplomacy, to provide a second chance for negotiations,” the presidential spokesperson said.
The dates for the exploratory talks have not been set yet, the Turkish official said.

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