Greece Greece Orders Evacuation of Towns as Fires Rage East of Athens

Greece Orders Evacuation of Towns as Fires Rage East of Athens

Credit: AMNA

Wildfires raging in towns east of Athens are approaching houses, resulting in the authorities issuing orders for evacuations in the region. High temperatures and strong winds are only strengthening the flames and spreading the fires, making them extremely dangerous.
The danger from fires in towns surrounding Kalyvia, including Feriza and Olympos, have caused mass evacuations.
According to the Municipality of Saronikos, where Kalyvia is located, other nearby towns will be evacuated to avoid loss of life.
Anavyssos, Drosia, Agiasmothi, Palaia Fokaia, along with the regions surrounding the towns, have been evacuated.
Currently, 117 firefighters, along with motor vehicles and specialized aircraft, are fighting against the raging fires, hoping to stop their spread.
Strong winds have made the fires difficult to contain.
According to local accounts, some houses have already burned down.
Officials warn residents that further evacuations in the region may be ordered.
At the same time, fires are raging north of Athens in Nea Makri. Officials are hopeful that the situation there is improving, however, and currently, no inhabited areas are in danger.

Posted by Petros Filippou on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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