Greece When and How Will Tourists be Able to Travel to the Greek...

When and How Will Tourists be Able to Travel to the Greek Islands?

Greek tourism change of nationalitiesThe government plan for opening up travel to the islands from mainland Greece will take place in three stages and will be completed on June 1st, according to the Ministry of the Interior.
Travel from the mainland to the islands has been banned as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to places where medical facilities are insufficient.
However, as the government is easing the restrictive measures, travel to the islands will recommence gradually, as the spread of COVID-19 has slowed significantly.
The first phase of traveling to the islands by sea or air will be for people who own tourist businesses on the islands or who are substitute teachers.
The second phase will be on Monday, May 18, when workers in tourism and the necessary work crews will be allowed to travel to the islands, provided they have documentation from their employer.
If all goes well by then, access to the islands will be free for Greeks and foreign travelers from June 1st. Pertinent authorities say that if all goes well, unrestricted travel to the islands might recommence on May 25th.
The Ministry of the Interior also stresses that there will be strict measures in regards to the means of transport, such as a maximum number of passengers, seating, etc.
Before embarking on a ship or airplane, passengers will have their temperature checked, while each will have to fill out a health condition questionnaire.
Ships will be allowed to carry only 50 percent passenger capacity, there will be one empty seat next to each passenger in aircraft-type seats, while only one person is allowed per cabin unless the passengers are family.
In regards to travel in mainland Greece, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday that travel outside one’s prefecture of residence will be allowed as of Monday, May 18 without restrictions.
On Friday, Lufthansa announced that commercial flights to Athens from Frankfurt airport will recommence on May 18.

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