Calamos Supports Greece Business Greek Fruit Exports Boom as Consumers Worldwide Turn to Healthier Products

Greek Fruit Exports Boom as Consumers Worldwide Turn to Healthier Products

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The coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented havoc it has caused across the entire world has dealt an enormous and unprecedented blow to nations’ economies.
However, one agricultural sector seems not only to be emerging from the crisis without a scratch — its business is now profiting from a shift in consumers’  buying choices as well.
According to a statement issued recently by Incofruit – Hellas, the Hellenic Association of Fruit, Vegetable and Juice Exporters and Processing Companies, the exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in Greece are enjoying a high sales trajectory at the moment.
Greece’s producers of kiwi fruit in particular are expected to see a record-breaking year regarding the quantity of their exports.
Additionally, agricultural firms that produce oranges, as well as apples, lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, mandarin oranges and other vegetables and fruits, are seeing a hike in the numbers of tons their businesses export.
In another positive development for the agricultural sector, domestic consumption of these same fruits and vegetables in Greece has grown as well.
People are apparently turning to healthier options, and leaving red meat and perhaps even dairy behind, in order to find sources of Vitamin C and other immune-boosting nutrients during the current pandemic.

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