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Loss of Smell and Taste “Key Indicators” of Coronavirus Infection

New research in the United Kingdom suggests that losing the sense of smell and taste could be a good way to determine whether someone might be infected with the coronavirus.

Kings College London says that its scientists have asked people who have tested positive for the virus to log their symptoms every day in a computer app.

The result showed that 59 percent of the 1.5 million people who participated noticed a loss of smell and taste. According to the researchers, this makes it a very good indicator for initially spotting infections.

Of those reporting one or more symptoms of coronavirus to the Covid Symptom Tracker app:

  • 53 percent said they experienced fatigue or tiredness
  • 29 percent had a persistent cough
  • 28 percent experienced shortness of breath
  • 18 percent had a loss of sense of smell or taste
  • 10.5 percent suffered from fevers

Of these 400,000 individuals, 1,702 said they had been tested for Covid-19, with 579 receiving a positive result and 1,123 a negative one.

Among those who had coronavirus infection confirmed by a positive test, three-fifths, or 59 percent, reported a loss of smell and/or taste.

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