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Amazon Creating ''CloudFront Edge'' Site in Athens, Greece

Greek Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis met with Amazon Web Services officials in Athens on Monday. Photo credit:

Greek Minister of Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis met with senior executives from Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon, on Monday to talk about the company’s recent decision to invest in Greece.
The talks between the Minister and the representatives from the American company were focused on the establishment of an ”Amazon CloudFront Edge” site in the Greek capital, which has already begun operation.
As a result, Greece and the rest of Southeast Europe are now united with the Amazon Web Services international network.
”We are very pleased that Amazon Web Services trusts and invests in Greece,” Pierrakakis said at the meeting.
”The operation of the Amazon CloudFront Edge location marks Greece’s growing importance as a regional hub in the global technology market,” the Minister noted.
American Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt congratulated Pierrakakis in a tweet, saying that this is ”Another great example of American technology companies recognizing the value proposition of Greece and building on the initiatives we set in motion.”

The Greek authorities and the company also signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the future cooperation of the two sides on issues regarding digital governance, innovation, skills and the Greek state’s progressing digitalization.

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