Europe Massive 6.8 Earthquake in Eastern Turkey Leaves 38 Dead, 1,547 Injured

Massive 6.8 Earthquake in Eastern Turkey Leaves 38 Dead, 1,547 Injured

Photo twitter: Selami HARTOMACIOGLU

Thirty-eight dead and 1,547 injured is the toll so far after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Elazig province in Eastern Turkey on Friday evening, Daily Sabah said.

According to the European – Mediterranean Seismological Centre, the tremor hit 218 kilometers northeastern of Gaziantep and measured 6.8 on the Richter scale.

Eight people have been rescued so far, with two children among them. Authorities search for 36 people who are reportedly under rubble,

The epicenter of the tremor was near the city of Sivrice in the Elazig province and it was felt not only in eastern Turkey but in neighboring countries as well, such as in Syria, Israel and Iraq.

The depth of the epicenter is currently measured at 15 kilometers.


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