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Floods Cause Extensive Damage in Olympiada, Northern Greece

A broken-up roadway near Olympiada, another victim of the extraordinary amount of rain experienced in the area over the past day. Photo from

The village of Olympiada in the regional unit of Halkidiki in Central Macedonia, Greece suffered severe flooding on Friday due to the extensive amounts of rainfall which have fallen continually in the region over the last several hours.
The area’s Maurolakkas Stream received massive amounts of runoff from the nearby regions and hills and topped its banks, seemingly exploding into the village.
As a result of the sudden influx of waters from the once-placid stream, a number of homes were flooded, while a majority of the town’s streets were instantly turned into muddy rivers.

Residents of the town are angrily accusing local authorities of being unable to protect their properties since this is the fourth time the area has flooded in recent years.
Stelios Valianos, the mayor of the municipality of Aristotle, to which the city of Olympiada belongs administratively, said that a number of firefighters are already in the town to assist residents whose houses are now flooded.
The municipality of Aristotle has already asked to declare a state of emergency so that it will be eligible for additional aid and funds from the national authorities.
Olympiada is a village in northeastern Halkidiki located just a few hundred meters away from the archaeological site of Stagira, the birthplace of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

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