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2019 Set to Be Best Wine Production Year in a Decade for Northern Greece

Experts recently announced that 2019 will be one of the best — if not the best — year in a decade in terms of the quality of Greek wines produced in the northern part of the country.
As is widely known, a large number of factors, both those that are controllable and uncontrollable, shape the quality of any region’s annual wine production.
However, the weather is one of the most important elements, leading either to years of excellent wine quality — or years of a more mediocre product.
The weather conditions that prevailed in Northern Greece between the beginning of summer, 2019 until September and October have played a crucial role in this year’s excellent vintage.
The rainy weather which prevailed in northern Greece in June and the first days of July, combined with the sunny and dry weather of the rest of the growing period, offered vines the chance to develop qualities which enabled the creation of an excellent crop of winemaking grapes.
Despite the fact that the average quantity of this year’s wine production in the vineyards of Macedonia and Epirus is down by 10-15 percent, the quality of the harvest has been pronounced exceptional.
This year’s wines are described as having intensely varied aromata and great potential for good aging — two crucial factors when it comes to oenophiles’ demanding criteria.
The Northern Greek wines which enjoy the privilege of Protected Designation of Origin status and expect great production for 2019 include those of Naoussa, Rapsani, Amyntaeo, and Goumenissa, among others.

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