Greece People Still Enjoy Greece's Beaches as October Continues to Be Unseasonably Warm

People Still Enjoy Greece's Beaches as October Continues to Be Unseasonably Warm

The weather in the country has been more reminiscent of early summer rather than late October, as temperatures remain warm and sunshine continues to prevail in many parts of the country, for several days or even weeks!
Beaches in Athens, as well as many other coastal areas in Greece are still welcoming locals and tourists who enjoy the weirdly warm weather of this year’s autumn.
Temperatures as high as 28 degrees Celsius and glorious sunshine across the country is expected to make those lucky enough to be close to a nearby beach, go and enjoy a late-autumn swim.
Meteorologists predict that the good weather conditions will continue to prevail until Tuesday and for some places, Wednesday.
However, from the middle of next week, temperatures are expected to drop significantly, beginning from northern Greece. Rain is also expected in many parts of the country, bringing –at last– autumn back to the forefront.

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