Greek News Economy Greece Borrows €1.5 Billion at Extremely Low Interest With New 10-Year Bond

Greece Borrows €1.5 Billion at Extremely Low Interest With New 10-Year Bond

Greece managed to tap €1.5 billion on Tuesday from global financial markets after it reopened its 10-year bond to take advantage of the new, extraordinarily low interest rates.
According to reports, more than 5.4 billion euros were offered to Greece, while Athens intended to take only €1.5 billion.
This proves that global financial markets are now showing a great deal of confidence in Greece’s economy, viewing its state bonds as a good investment option for the next decade.
The Greek authorities took the money with a 1.54 percent interest rate, one of the lowest ever seen in the country’s history.
The last time Athens was able to borrow money with a ten-year bond was March of 2019, when the country secured the funds at a much higher interest rate of approximately 3.5 percent.

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