Greek News Economy Greece Expected to Tap Financial Markets With New 10-Year Bond

Greece Expected to Tap Financial Markets With New 10-Year Bond

Greece will very soon seek to pump additional money from global markets in an effort to capitalize gains made on the historically-low interest rates that the country has been enjoying over the last several months.
Greek authorities have requested the major banks which handled the 10-year bond issued by the nation in March of 2019 to re-open its existing version of the bond, so that investors can place their new offers at the current rates.
There is no an exact date for Greece to actually complete this transaction, but it is believed that it will occur in the very near future.
It is also unclear exactly how much money the Greek authorities will seek to secure.
The current interest rate for Greece’s 10-year bond is approximately 1.4 percent, the lowest percentage rate in its history.
When Athens secured €2.5 billion in March of 2019, the country was working with an interest rate of 3.875 percent, fully 2.475 points higher than the prevailing interest rate at present.

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