Greek News Cyprus Number of Britons Seeking Cyprus Residence Permits Soars Ahead of Brexit

Number of Britons Seeking Cyprus Residence Permits Soars Ahead of Brexit

According to the Civil Registry and Migration Department of the Republic of Cyprus, more than 15,000 additional British citizens have applied to obtain permanent residence permits since the 2016 Brexit referendum in the UK.
So far, 32,281 British nationals have been granted this permit, with the numbers continuing to soar as the uncertainty over Brexit intensifies.
For as long as the UK remains a part of the EU, British citizens are free to reside and work in Cyprus. However, the murky situation over Brexit and the fear that a potential ”no-deal” scenario might put an end to their right to reside and work on the Mediterranean island, has led tens of thousands of Britons to apply for these permits.
According to legislation, EU citizens, which British nationals still are at present, have the right to apply for an M-EU1 registration certificate after having resided for more than four months in Cyprus.
Those who have lived for more than five years on the island are entitled to get an M-EU3 certificate, which grants them indefinite leave to remain on Cyprus.
These certificates were not popular before 2016, since their British passport alone guaranteed their rights, but as the situation remains unclear, more and more Britons who had moved to Cyprus permanently have chosen this means to safeguard their residency rights.
According to statistics, the majority of Britons who have applied for these certificates are over 55, as Cyprus is among the most popular retirement retreats for the British.
According to the most recent figures, it is believed that more than 80,000 British citizens are currently living on a permanent basis in Cyprus.

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