Europe Boris Johnson Elected UK's New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson Elected UK’s New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson was declared winner of the Tories’ leadership race on Tuesday afternoon, after weeks, during which the members of Britain’s Conservative Party were voting for Theresa May’s successor.

Boris Johnson proved to be the one who managed to unite the majority of the Tories, in what many call, Britain’s most crucial period since World War II.

With the new, delayed Brexit day of October 31 being alarmingly close, Johnson takes office with hopes that he will be able to deliver, where Theresa May couldn’t.

But Johnson’s controversial stance on many issues and especially on Brexit, alarms not only those who oppose the Conservative party in the UK but many MPs and members of his own party as well.

His declared intention to leave the European Union, with or without a deal, spreads fear amongst markets, the business world and a large part of Britain’s’ society, who believe that a disorderly exit of the UK from the EU on October 31, will plunge the country into chaos.

Time will tell if Johnson’s leadership skills will prove enough to get the UK out of this political mess. What is sure for now, is that no matter what the futurebrings, the new PM has a huge task ahead of him.

A task that could change the course of history both for the United Kingdom and the European Union alike.

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