Calamos Supports Greece Greece Twenty Parties and Coalitions Will Participate in July 7 National Elections

Twenty Parties and Coalitions Will Participate in July 7 National Elections

The Areopagus, the Supreme Court of the nation of Greece, announced on Wednesday the parties and coalitions which have been granted permission to participate in the upcoming national elections of July 7, 2019.
From a total of twenty-four applications made by political parties and coalitions for participation in the national plebiscite, twenty were granted permission to put forth candidates.
Four parties were excluded due to irregularities in the documents they submitted.
The parties which will take part in Greece’s national elections of July 7 are the following:
The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA),
New Democracy (ND),
Popular Association – Golden Dawn,
Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
Movement for Change (KINAL),
Centrists’ Union,
Greek Solution,
Front of European Realist Disobedience (MeRA25),
Course of Freedom,
Anti-capitalist Left Cooperation for the Overturn (ANTARSYA),
Greek Ecologists,
Organization of Greek Communist Internationalists (OKDE),
Assembly of the Greeks,
Labor Revolutionary Party (EEK),
Communist Party of Greece Marxist – Lenninist (KKE-ML),
Marxist – Leninist Communist Party of Greece (ML-KKE)
Popular Unity (LAE),
Recreate Greece,
Agreement of Political Parties,

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