Greece Final Results Show New Democracy 9.35% Ahead of SYRIZA in EU Elections

Final Results Show New Democracy 9.35% Ahead of SYRIZA in EU Elections

This was the ninth time European Elections were held in Greece

The Greek Ministry of the Interior  released the official and final results of Sunday’s European Elections in Greece on Thursday, showing a lead of 9.35 percent for the New Democracy (ND) Party over ruling coalition SYRIZA.
According to the final results, New Democracy received 33.11 percent of the vote, representing a total of 1,872,814 votes; this is nearly 574,000 more than it received in the European elections of 2014.
The ruling Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) came in a distant second at 23.76 percent, with 1,343,793 votes. SYRIZA received approximately 175,000 fewer votes than the party had earned in 2014.
In third place came the social-democrat ”Movement for Change” (KINAL) Party, with 7.72 percent, or 436,732 votes, approximately 22,000 fewer votes than it had received in 2014.
The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) received 5.35 percent, coming in fourth, with 302,670 votes, down from its number of 349,342 votes and 6.11 per cent in the 2014 plebiscite.
The neo-nazi group Golden Dawn received 275,817 votes, or 4.88 percent, losing nearly half of its power, as in 2014 the group had earned the support of 537,000 voters.
The newly-created far-right populist ”Greek Solution” Party managed to earn a notable 4.18 percent of the vote, with a total of 236,360 people voting for it — and ostensibly drawing at least some of its support from former Golden Dawn supporters.
Ex-Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis’ MeRA25 party came in seventh, with 2.99 percent of the votes cast, representing a total of 169,287 votes.
Because of a scant few dozen votes, MeRA25 was unable to elect an MEP, something which allowed New Democracy to elect a total of eight members to the European Parliament.
The SYRIZA Party elected six; the KINAL, KKE and Golden Dawn parties elected two MEPs each, and the Greek Solution party elected one MEP.
A total of 5,920,084 Greek citizens voted in the 2019 EU elections, from a total of 10,074,359 individuals who were registered to vote. The turnout came in at 58.76 percent of the electorate.

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