Greek News Education Munich Plans to Demolish its Unfinished Greek School

Munich Plans to Demolish its Unfinished Greek School

The unfinished school in Munich. Photo by Kathimerini

A more than 20-year-old dispute between the Greek state and the local Council of Munich,  Germany is set to end with the demolition of the unfinished Greek school, which is currently not much more than a shell.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung recently published a report noting that the local council of Munich is ready to decide to go ahead with the demolition of the unfinished Greek school. Construction of the proposed educational institution began more than twenty years ago.

The Council of Munich and the Greek state have a long-standing dispute on whether or not the ownership belongs to the Greek state.

Stavros Konstantinidis, the solicitor who represents the Greek side, expressed his disappointment at the development, saying ”a compromise was very close.”

Konstantinidis said that an agreement was ready to be reached, with the Munich side “re-buying” the project and then finishing the construction of the proposed Greek-German school.

The Greek side would then rent a number of classrooms to accommodate the more than 500 Greek students who now live in Munich.

The Council of Munich claims that the property and the unfinished school belongs wholly to the city.

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